What We Sell


At Vischer Ferry General Store, we believe that our daily lives are enhanced by using products that are as beautiful as they are functional.  We look for quality, and like items that tell a story.  We’re inspired by the beauty and wildlife in the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve nearby, and often choose products that remind us of it.   Here are some of our featured purveyors.


Blithe and Bonny
is a family run company with hand crafted items made in the USA using simple and responsible ingredients.  Their goal is to create environmentally conscious, high quality goods.  We fell in love with their lotions, which have a rich, creamy texture and delicious scents such as Fern Linden and Tuberose Orange Blossom.  Blithe and Bonny means happy and pretty, and we think that’s a great description of these products!


Library of Flowers is a collection of three signature scents that perfectly embody our love of nature.  Arboretum, The Forest, and Wildflower & Fern each contain a line of products that include perfume, lotions, bubble bath, shower gel, soap, and candles.  We’re wild about these scents, and the packaging is a work of art.



Alex Monroe is a London based jewelry designer.  Strongly inspired by nature and British eccentricity, his jewelry is elegant with a whimsical charm.  Each of his pieces is handmade in the UK by a team of highly skilled jewelers. We’re especially smitten with his bumblebee pieces, but also love the fox and rabbit designs.  They make a truly unique gift for someone special.



Betsy Olmsted offers a small batch line of printed textiles featuring her exclusive hand-painted designs.  We’ve chosen her whimsical tea towels and pillows that feature owls, foxes, squirrels, deer and flowers, themes you will see running through many of our products.  The vibrant and colorful tea towels are so pretty that you might want to frame them as a work of art!


Counter Couture is a line of eco-friendly housewares, gifts and tee shirts.  Run by a husband and wife team in Denver, the “crafty elves” at Counter Couture sew, silkscreen, assemble and produce, crafting fab fashion for your home and body.  Check out our favorite- the garden gnome onesie for stylish babies!  We also offer their tea towels and glassware.



Paste by Denise Fiedler is a new and creative take on the art of collage.  A lover of books, Denise has taken vintage printed pages and incorporated them into representational images.  Her images include anything from traditional and iconic architecture, to fashion, dogs, food and portraiture of people.  Come see our selection of prints and cards.  (We’re partial to the pug design.)


Woodfield Press features the art of Cindy Hendrick.  It was a pleasure meeting Cindy at the Adirondack Buyers Show, and we found that we share a love of nature, animals and classic children’s books.  Cindy grew up surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods to explore, which served as the inspiration for her art.  Her work features the many creatures we spot on a daily basis in the Nature Preserve.  We think her art prints would be charming on the walls of a child’s room.



We’re happy to offer our own line of all natural hand soap, lotion, dish soap, room & linen spray, lavender refresher mist, eye sachets and heating pads.  These items are crafted by the mother and daughter team called Mustard Seed, in Little Falls, NY, using all natural essential oils.  We’ve chosen two signature Vischer Ferry General Store scents: rosemary lavender for spring and summer, and orange cinnamon for fall and winter.


Also for sale are our very own Vischer Ferry General Store campfire mugs and tee shirts.   



We believe that nothing gives a home more character than layering in vintage items.  Louise grew up with a dad who based the quality of an item on how heavy it was (the heavier the better, and WWII-era vintage the best), so she has long had a love of old things.  Every vintage item has a history, and the patina on an item shows that it was well-loved.  There is beauty in the imperfections that can never be matched by shiny brand-new goods.  Not to mention, buying vintage is the ultimate way to be environmentally responsible!

We’ll offer a constantly changing selection of carefully curated goods that we personally love.  Be inspired to use vintage items in a new way.  For example, while you might not drink tea out of a delicate hand-painted teacup, it’s perfect and pretty for holding jewelry on a bedroom dresser.  Ironstone pitchers are great for arranging flowers.  Old shaving mugs are perfect for holding q-tips or cotton balls in the bathroom.  We put tea lights in pretty juice glasses.  The possibilities are endless, and if we see something great, we buy it and figure out what to use it for later!

Gather. Shop. Eat.